Contempo Dance Club

Adult Master Classes are held on Wednesdays at 8pm at Bourne 2 Dance in Bonita Springs.


How much are the Adult Classes?

All of our Adult Classes cost the same amount:

$20 per Class, $10 for Bourne 2 Dance Moms 

Cash and PayPal are accepted


What should I wear?

Wear sometihing comfortable to move around in.  We will be on the floor and jumping, so athletic wear is best!  Please wear hip hop shoes or gym sneakers.  Barefoot is not recommended.


What is my comittment?

This class is a come and go as you please kind of class!  We know as adults we all have busy schedules, so feel free to drop in when it is convienient for you.  Classes are non progressive, if you miss a class you will not fall behind.


Is this class for me?

Adult Classes are open to all adults ages 18 and up!  We encourage any age or dance experience level to take these high eneregy and fun classes.